Freebies for your Kindle

I love to hunt around for free books for my kindle. Of course I have tons that I've saved that I haven't read yet, but finding them is half the fun. Here are some that are available free now that look interesting in case you're searching for some kindle material!

There is a handful. I love looking through the free cookbooks for new dinner ideas. If you want to browse more - you can see the top 100 here.

I've been failing at this recently but the NaBloPoMo prompt is "what causes are you connected to?" I'm pretty particular about where I donate time and money - but the local SPCA is a great cause. Because I had childhood epilepsy the Epilepsy Foundation is important to me as well. I have friends who are actively involved in the local Big Brothers, Big Sisters program so I support them as much as I can. I'd say those are my top 3 - non political causes.

Ellen Martin

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