The Waiting Game...

Well after an exciting month of baby girl L teasing us that she was ready to make an early entrance - its now turned into a waiting game. I'm on my leave officially now - taking sometime for myself, which proves to be a little boring actually.

So -- what have I done so far? Well, I cleaned out my makeup drawer and put lining in all the drawers and shelves... something I've been doing since we moved in. A year ago.

I made something I saw on Pinterest - this mini album for all the cards we got with all the generous gifts from friends and family for the baby. Which means, I bought Mod Podge -- and I'm now looking for more fun projects.

I've made brownies. Twice. Probably will make a few more times before Little L shows up. My husband has no objections to this project. Oh, and I made Blondies from scratch at my parents house one night because I needed some dessert.

I've been pinning things like crazy... mostly desserts... and if she doesn't come soon, I'm going to start baking more goodies... like the Lemon Drop Candy Cookies and the Pecan Pralines.

Got my hair cut.

Caught up on all my T.V. shows on Hulu.

Now I'm going to start working on polishing all my silverware... which may sound crazy... but I've always loved polishing silver...

So  the question is - does anyone have any suggestions? Projects, places to go, etc? Things I must do before baby?

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