Dressing up Your Camera

The camera strap that my Digital SLR came with is falling apart. Its really awful. The lining flakes off when I wear it -- leaving black specks in my hair and on my clothes.

So I've decided I really need a replacement one. Of course, when I actually started looking - all the ones I want are a little pricey. But they are pretty, so I've decided to share anyways. No deals in this post. Just pretty items to dress up your camera.

The most expensive -- and my fav -- are from Bloom Theory. The Creme Brûlée strap (pictured below to the left) is a pretty mix of pink and white lace and the Apres Moi Le Deluge strap (pictured below to the right) is just a pretty white ruffle. Both $110.

Another cool site for straps is Fotostrap. Slightly less expensive at $85 these straps also donate some of the proceeds to Fotolanthropy a non-profit that donates photo sessions to families that have faced hardships.  I like the Hibiscus one (right) and the Avocado one (left) the best.           

So I really wanted to find some slightly cheaper options -- so I kept digging -- and search etsy - and found a few other contenders. This silver strap from sizzlestrapz etsy shop is $42.99 and the sequin ombre black strap from CapturingCouture etsy shop is $59.00. Both are unique and my style.. and a little less expensive than the others.

Ok, those are my top choices. I'm really tired of finding black specks in my hair... so hopefully I get one soon.

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