Book-Filled Bars - My Kind of Place!

I love looking through the posts over at Flavorwire - and when I saw this 15 Amazing Book-Filled Bars I had to share with my readers. As this pregnancy gets closer and closer to its end, I must admit I'm starting to miss a good happy hour. Not really the drinks - just the social part.

And these look like some great options for the future. Of course, I'll have to travel a bit... so I've added them all to my Yelp bookmark "To Try" section.

The Wellesbourne is in West Los Angeles - so that would seem accessible.  And the picture (to the left) makes it even look cozy... well worth checking out.

Hyperion Tavern is also in L.A. - and showcases law books... not as exciting looking as some of the others.

Two Sisters Bar and Books is even closer - in SF - and looks like a very cool place to check out (See picture on the right.) They even have a Booze and Books Club. If I was a local I think this would be a place I would frequent.

If you are a Sacramentan - and looking for a place like the ones mentioned on this list - you should check out Scandal Bar at The Citizen Hotel. They have the book theme too - and its a cool looking bar... mind you, drinks are a little expensive.

Anyone else know of any book-filled bars they'd recommend?


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  2. We went to the Library Bar in NYC and loved it! Such a great idea.