The Nursery: An Update

As I mentioned before - we decided to go with a Beatles theme for the Nursery - making it as girly as possible. You can see the post on my ideas or check out my Pinterest board to get a good visual of where I wanted to go with this.

Well I'm proud to say its coming along nicely. Here are some pictures. You can see them a bit larger here.

You can see the colorful Beatles - Warhol 24"x36" Art Print Poster and the All You Need is Love print (from my lovely shower hostesses!) I still need to get a pad for the rocker and recover the footstool. We'll see how quick that happens. Also, above the closet doors - you can see where we started hanging bird cut outs (got that idea from here.) Basically to go with the "Blackbird" song - I cut out some silhouettes of blackbirds on scrapbook paper and used Removable Uhu Adhesive Putty to get them to stick.

Over the crib is another darling gift from my baby shower hostesses - this Strawberry Fields Bunting hanging over the window above the crib. Attached to the crib is a mobile that plays "All You Need is Love" and on the far wall is another cheap poster I found on Amazon of John Lennon.

This is in my greek corner of the nursery. Another great gift from my shower hostesses - is the greek print that says "Agape"meaning love in greek. The blocks in the shabby chic shelves were from a friend of mine. They are the Uncle Goose Greek Alphabet Blocks (Uncle Goose does any language you could want!)

Ok - so there's where we are with the nursery. It's coming together  -- and I'm loving it. Hope little Lucille does too.

P.S. We got her some great new clothes from One Good Thread... look for my guest post soon over there -highlighting my purchases.


  1. I LOVE it!! Great job!

  2. You are so creative! What a cool idea to use the Beatles theme.

  3. Thank you Adrienne! Can't wait for our little girls to be here! :)

  4. LOVE it! Paint that paneling a crisp white so the gorgeous crib stands out! The Beatles theme is just the best. :)

  5. Tegan - We went back and forth on painting the paneling white - maybe we still have time to do it before the baby gets here! :)

    You still have to come over and see the house!