My Amazon Prime Watchlist

I'm sure I've mentioned before how much we enjoy our Roku Player. With Amazon Prime and Hulu (plus the free stuff...) We really don't need cable - which I love. I've recently found a handful of movies that are free with Prime -- that actually look good -- so I thought I'd share.
  1. The Deep Blue Sea (nominated for Best Actress - Golden Globe)
  2. For Ellen ( I had to add this one since it has my name)
  3. Friends With Kids
  4. Take This Waltz (read this review on one of my fav. blogs)
  5. The Lincoln Lawyer (my husband already watched this so now I'm wait for a day when its just me to watch it.)
  6. I Wish
There are my top 6 on my Amazon Prime Watchlist. Any other Amazon Prime members have movie recommendations?

Oh - and here is the trailer for Take This Waltz -  I'm really liking Michelle Williams more and more these days.

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