Zozi: Deals on Unique Experiences

I've mentioned so many different travel deal sites over the years on here -- but I have another one I'd like to share. I've actually been signed up with Zozi for a while, but I've been so bogged down in emails lately that I didn't really have time to check the site out until recently.

While a lot of these travel deal sites are great deals - they still can be expensive overall. Its more that they make things affordable that otherwise wouldn't be in my budget. But maybe that's just me. I've found Zozi to be a little different.
For instance, they have a Santa Cruz Segway Tour for $44 (normally $89.) That's something you could easily add on to a local vacation (at least if you're one of my California readers.) The idea is that they offer on local stuff, getaways and gear. Plus they have celeb "gurus" that share experiences too.

Since they have the getaway category, they do offer the bigger expensive options too. Although, I still feel like its a better deal. I mean - an 8 day / 7 night Kenyan Safari for $3,530 in the low season and $4,845 in the high season? That's not bad at all. And it includes lodging an airfare.

Once little Miss L is born and gets a bit older I really can't wait to plan family vacations. They were an amazing part of my childhood.

Anyways, if you aren't already, I really recommend signing up for Zozi today!

Oh and I added Zozi to my list of Member's Only Shopping Sites.... so be sure to check that list out if you're looking for other places to get deals.

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