Friday Fixation: Lovely Things for a Lovely Month

February means Valentine's Day is approaching - and while I don't think you have to buy in to the flowers and chocolate marketing - I do think its important to remember the people you love and how important love is.

I decided I'd do a little feature of some lovely things I've found around the blog / Pinterest universe. If you want more - check out my Pinterest "Love is All We Need" board. The "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" tee - is my favorite. I almost want to buy it now for Little L to wear next year.

Items: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

And if you want a little printable freebie - check out the Love is All You Need one over at Life in Yellow.

Enjoy and happy February!

P.S. I have a blog post over at One Good Thread - that features more Valentine's Day stuff if you're interested....

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