Around Town: Feb. 17

Well most people (I assume) have tomorrow off work so hopefully you're all out enjoying a nice 3 day weekend. If you are looking to do something this week and upcoming weekend... here are a few ideas.

If you're at all interested in NASA, the Space Program or just had dreams of being an astronaut as a kid - then you might want to head on over to Folsom to hear Astronaut Stephen Robinson speak.

I'd imagine even if you're only slightly interested in space - it would still be interesting to hear.

I'm always a fan of food & wine events for charities especially with silent auctions -- so the Make-A-Wish 25th Annual Winter Wine & Food Fest sounds like my kind of event. If only I was drinking wine... the $85 ticket price would sound reasonable. Maybe next year.

And if you are a jazz fan - check out the Crocker's Thursday night event this week. "Jazz and the Fight Against Segregation" sounds like a great concert. Space is limited for this so if you are interested purchase your tickets in advance. If you are a Crocker member - tickets are only $6 ($12 for non-members.)

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