And Our Life Changes...

Well hopefully this isn't news to any of my "real-life" friends that read my blog - but the husband and I are expecting an addition to our family in April. April 29 to be exact. Hope the vintage graphic didn't give it away. ;)

So I'll apologize for slacking off lately as far as posting goes -- but I haven't been feeling 100% and writing a blog post has been pretty far back in my mind lately. I haven't been cooking much at all -- so my meal planning has gone out the window. I'm not really searching the web for good deals on regular clothes (and I love fall!) just maternity clothes... and there isn't much in that area worth blogging about.

Anyways the point is - we into our 2nd trimester now -- and are starting to be able to think more about planning around the house and in our lives for the little one. So that should give me some new topics for the blog. Plus my appetite is coming back (slowly) so I may be able to write about food with out getting nauseous.

So look for more post soon. And for all the mommies (and daddies) that are reading this I'm sure I'll have questions on good products, etc. So please share anything you think we should know. We are first timers after all.

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