Friday Fixation: 8tracks

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I had some family visiting last week and was busy doing fun things.

But I did find something I wanted to share. I read an article recently that listening to music while you work can increase productivity and creativity. I had recently stumbled across a website called 8tracks as well - that allows users to create tracks (and share them.) Well those two things seemed like a perfect fit!

I've been listening to music a bit more at work and I think it does help. I've also started going for a walk every morning and I try and eat breakfast (both of which are improving my day.)

Anyways - back to 8tracks. You can search by artist or key word and there are some really great lists on there. You don't have to join (unless you want to save your favorites or create your own.)

Its been a great mood lifter. Anyone else have any playlist/radio websites they like, other than Pandora?

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