Around Town: August 5

Thursday, August 9 at the Crocker is their Fired Up Art Mix. Food trucks, kilns, cocktails, music... sounds like a really fun time.

If you feel like make a trip out to Ironstone Vineyards on August 11 - you could go see Heart in concert. I'm a huge fan of Heart, BTW. Ann and Nancy Wilson are just what I vision when I think of 1970's girl rock. I love it. Here's a video to enjoy..

If you're looking for a place to watch the Olympics maybe check out Zen Sushi. The have some Olympic specials and the food there is really good to begin with. If you haven't participated in the Cap City Sips Happy Hour special - you have the rest of August to do so.

I'll be having a great time in Colorado when you read this - hope everyone else is having a fun start to their August!

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