Friday Fixation: Downton Abbey

So back when I got my Amazon Prime membership last year, I watched on my Roku the first season of Downton Abbey which is available for free with the Prime membership. I've been waiting and waiting for season two to be available for free on Prime - or on Hulu Plus... but no such luck so far. It is available for $1.99 an episode or $14.99 for the season... and I might just give in and purchase it.  Has everyone else already watched all of season two?

Anyways, I ran across these print out paper dolls of some of the Downton Abbey characters and had to share. I especially love Sybil and her "We Can Do It!" poster and NOW undershirt.

And if you missed it back in February - be sure to check out these Downton Abbey Valentines. Maybe you can send one next year....

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