Photos from my week!

Ok - here is my summary of my first 8 photos from my April Photo a Day. I had to skip #9 because I was traveling and it was hard to get a picture of the "younger me." I think my favorite is Day#7.

Day #1 - Reflection (my reflection in our owl birdbath)

Day #2 - Color (flower at my parents house)

Day#3 - Mail

Day#4 - Someone Who Makes Me Happy (My husband!)

Day#5 - Tiny (My Mismatched tiny earrings)

Day#6 - Lunch (Soup and Sandwich at Ambrosia!)

Day#7 - Shadow (Jonny and Me in Portland)


  1. My favorite of your pictures is 7 too. I need to do today but it's super warm in recent pictures of cold.

  2. I missed the "Cold" one too. I just got too busy and forgot. Urg. gotta get back into it!