Around Town: March 4

Foodie Films are always interesting. At least I think so. That King Corn documentary was so interesting. It definitely made me think a little more about food. If you haven't seen it - its free for amazon prime members - so if you're one, check it out.

Anyways - the point of that is that March 10th is the Sacramento Food Film Festival. If you like Food related documentaries it might be worth checking out. One of the films is a dumpster diving documentary called Dive! Which I saw something about on T.V. (maybe Jon Stewart or Colbert?) The festival costs $25 in advance and $30 at the door for all the films or $6 each for individual films.

Tuseday the Social Media Club, Sacramento and Blood Source are hosting a Social Media to Save Lives: Marrow Registry Drive. The drive will raise awareness about the process of registering and allow anyone interested to register on site. Beverages and appetizers will be provided.

If you are looking for a wine event - check out Carvalho Winery's Chocolate on the Vine Winemaker's Dinner on March 10th. Winemaker's dinners are always interesting and fun - I love food and wine pairings.

Hope everyone has a good week! And happy birthday (Tuesday) to my sister!

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