Roald Dahl Love in the U.K.

I'm a huge Roald Dahl fan - so when I saw this post on A Cup of Jo - I had to share it here too. The Royal Mail has released a set of stamps to honor his great books. My favorite book of Dahl's is The Witches with The BFG in a close second place.

The stamps are lovely -- I think The Witches one is my favorite with her hair popping off like that!

Anyone else a huge Dahl fan? Share your favorite book?

Ellen Martin

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Jewels said...

This is very the mother of a new Roald Dahl fan I can't wait to show these to my son! Right now Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still his favorite but its so wonderful that he'll have so many more books to enjoy!

Ellen Martin said...

Yah! They are such fun books!