Friday Fixation: Shourouk

My latest fixation has the potential to do some damage to my pocket book. I reeeeaaaaallllllly want a piece of Shourouk jewelry. Really. The one that first caught my attention was the Feather crystal and bead bib necklace on (pictured on the right.)

I love the combo of the bright colors with the beads -- but the price tag of $1,155 is not in my price range. So, I'll just pin it on Pinterest - and stare at it.

Then I got an email from Charm & Chain featuring their Shourouk stuff. They did add in a 15%-20% off coupon code ... which only brought my second favorite piece, this Funky Art Deco Necklace (on the left), down to $600.. closer to affordable.

For now I'll keep pinning and staring... but maybe some day.... After a big win at the Casino or something...

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