Gift Giving Guide: For Him

Guys can be hard to shop for. They either really don't care so it seems worthless to buy them any thing or they are so picky that its hard to please. I try really hard to find gifts that people will be excited about - so I thought I'd do a gift guide for the guys.

I'll start with the whiskey rocks idea. There are a few different types of these things out there. The whiskey rocks at Vault are made of stone and small (3/4" each) and run $20 for a set of 9. This gift isn't for every guy -- I know my dad for instance makes his drinks stronger and counts on the ice to dilute the drink over time. But for some this could be perfect and fun. Maybe pair it with a nice bottle.

Keeping with a whiskey theme - check out Woodenville Whiskey Co - and their "Age Your Own" program. If you have a guy on your list that likes to brew beer - and might want to take it to the next step this is it. It's basically $150 for a kit and the barrel can be reused up to 5 times. I might have gone this route for my husband - but he still hasn't used the brew kit I bought him for Valentines Day.

Wallets and bill folds are another popular guy gift and The Fold from Leffot is my favorite. They have two sizes and seem so compact and well made. They are a bit on the pricey side ($95 for small and $120 for large) -- but worth it.

These Tank Cig Packs of some classic books - are the perfect size for a guys back pocket. They have a tin that has 6 packs of literature in the size of a pack of cigarettes. Or a few of them are available separately. I'd really be interested in what these look like in person - but the pictures online have definitely caught my eye.

So there is a start for the guy gifts. Hope that helped with some ideas!

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