Gift Giving Guide: for her

If your looking for something for your friend or sister or cousin... or for my male readers maybe girlfriend or wife... here's some help. I love these state pride necklaces from Kris Nation.  They would be great for any friends that have moved away from a home state or place they grew up or went to school.

Another cute jewelry option? This spade ring from Kate Spade. It's cute and maybe it would bring good luck in the casinos!

For any animal lovers the dog bone studs from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry might be the way to go. They are $35 and 50% of the proceeds go to ASPCA - so they give back. I always love finding gifts that do some good as  well as make some one happy.
Not feeling the jewelry angle? Maybe try the beauty side of gifts.

Feet spa treatments are a favorite of mine so this kit looks like a good treat. It's only $20 - which seems like a good deal. I actually really love the gift choices at Uncommon Goods.

I'm a big fan of lavender - and thought these drawer liners from petite alma were gorgeous. Lavender is said to help with migraines (which I suffer from) and also help calm and sooth. It would be great to place one of these in your linen drawer - especially with pillowcases.

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