Wellington Weather

Its the time of year that makes me want to put a log on the fire place, make a hot buttered rum and pull on some warm socks and boots and go for a walk in this crisp weather.

This year I really wanted some Wellies to add to my winter collection -- and found a handful I liked. So I thought I'd share my finds.

I went with the Keen boots - because they had a lining ... but since they are from endless I can return them for free if I don't like them. My second choice is going to be the Joules Wellies. I love the stripes.

Anyone else getting new rain boots this year?


  1. Definitely on my list! Love those gray Keens. And thanks, now I want hot buttered rum... mmm... :)

  2. I think my Keens arrive today - I'll let you know how I like them.

    I made hot buttered rum on Saturday. It was delish!