Gift Giving Guide: Office Gifts

I'm going to do some gift guides this year. Here's my first.

If you trade gifts around the office I've come up with some cute gift items this year for coworkers.

A 2012 Fashion Illustration Calendar by Inslee Haynes is perfect for any fashionista coworker or friend. The illustrations on this calendar are georgous and everyone needs a calendar near their desk (I have two that I can see at all times.)
Coworkers with a good sense of humor might enjoy the book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" by Mindy Kaling from The Office. She's kind of like an up and coming Tina Fey - which is another good suggestion for the funny office gal: "Bossypants."

If you want to get something small and simple for your morning coffee buddy - I just love the monogrammed cups from Anthropologie. Its a great simple design and super affordable for an office gift - at $6. You could stuff it with some Via from Starbucks or something.

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  1. The Anthro mugs are always a hit. :) Good suggestions with the books too!