Around Town: November 13

First, I must say - that I am really enjoying Fall this year. I had a great Halloween and I'm looking forward to an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Here's a photo of my favorite fall drink - to get you inspired too!

So this week I want to first share with you some local places that can provide you with amazing parts of your Thanksgiving dinner. First, Beantrees Coffee at 925 L Street does a Tandoori Turkey that you can pre-order. They do up to 12 pound turkeys and they purchase and season them for you - you just pick it up and cook it! $3.00 / per lb.

For a thanksgiving dessert - you should check in with Ginger Elizabeth. You can pre-order her yummy looking Chocolate Caramel Cinnamon Citrus Thanksgiving Dessert for $42 and it feeds 12-16 people.

Both are great options if you're feeling like you need a little help with Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

Also -- a note about downtown Sacramento - cars are returning to K Street this weekend! We'll see what that ends up meaning... and if its going to add any life to a fairly dead area of downtown.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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  1. I could use a Hot Buttered Rum right about now! And ANYTHING by Ginger Elizabeth is amazing.