Around Town - Oct. 9th

One event I'm featuring this week is actually next Sunday -- but I wanted to make sure to give people time to read about it! Its another event at the Crocker, this time a Free Family Festival on water. Looks like an interesting event - and almost everything at the Crocker is amazing. Especially that new section!

If you  have season tickets to the Sacramento Speaker series or know someone who has an extra - David McCullough is the first speaker for this season. I really enjoy his books and would imagine he'd be an interesting speaker.

If you want some good music - Panic at the Disco is at Ace of Spades on Monday. I've seen Panic live before and it was a really good show. This is a smaller venue then when I saw them, which I imagine would be better.

Last but not least, just a reminder that this is an AMAZING time to go up to Apple Hill - so if you haven't already, head up their soon!

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