Airport Art Tour

This past weekend the Crocker Art Museum offered a members only tour of the art in the new Sacramento Airport Terminal B that my mom and I went on. It was a great tour and I am really impressed with the new terminal. Each piece of art had a QR code nearby where you could scan and get more information about it - from the Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission.

The first art piece that our docent showed us was called "Baggage Handlers" and was a brilliant piece made of small pieces of wood and the shadows that they create. This piece is on the back wall of the ticketing area. It was amazing to be able to walk right up to this piece and look at the wood it was made out of and the back up until the faces came into focus. Totally unique piece.

The second piece we saw is probably the most well known - the red rabbit jumping into a suitcase. This piece, by artist Lawrence Argent is called "Leap" and it spans 3 floors. Its just amazing to look at both up close (on the second floor) and further away. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland with the rabbit jumping down a into a vortex.

An interesting little fact about this piece is that the granite suitcase part of the artwork actually weighs more then the huge rabbit!

There were a few amazing mosaic pieces on the floor - and I think my favorite was the one by local artist Suzanne Adan - called "Flying Colors."

I love the cartoonish birds with the bright worms in their beaks! I might be partial to the bird art - but the colors on this one are also amazing.

Anyway, if you haven't been to the terminal yet - add some time to look around (and find your way around - its completely different!)

If you have been -- tell me how you liked it and what pieces of art you enjoyed the most?


  1. Glad you like the public art! Come back and visit soon!

  2. We were very impressed with the art in the SAC airport. Cheers to the city that supports the arts in such a public and pronounced way!