Around Town: Week of Sept 18

The first place I have to start for this week is Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam is 20 years old. I'm not trying to make any of my readers (or myself) feel old - but OH MY. Anyways - if you want to celebrate this fact - check out the documentary "Pearl Jam Twenty" playing at the Crest for one night only - September 20. The 8:15p show is sold out - but there are still tickets available for the 10:30p show.

I've mentioned before the Slow Beer Movement Dinners and #8 is Sept. 19 at Formoli's Bistro. They'll be pairing food with one of my favorite breweries: Lagunitas Brewing Company. If we're around this might be one I'd participate in.

If you are in the Elk Grove area looking for a free family activity, the Franklin Community Library is hosting an Origami Workshop on Sept. 23.


  1. Lagunitas Censored Ale is my favorite! Unfortunately it is not distributed here though. Drink one for me!

  2. I always think of you guys when I see Censored Ale, I remember you talking about it when we were in Portland! It's yummy!