MPM Week of the 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone is getting to celebrate with family and friends today! We'll be going to my sister-in-laws for some great food and fun. Here is my plan for this week... short and sweet because we've got lots of stuff going on!
Monday: 4th of July BBQ
Tuesday: Ginger Tilapia Stir Fry
Wednesday: Out to dinner for hubby's birthday!!
Thursday: Chicken Edamame Salad with Wasabi Vinaigrette
Friday: Rehursal Dinner for Jonny's cousin's wedding
Saturday: Wedding
Sunday: Flatbread with Sweet Onions, Collard Greens and Brie (I'll be revising this a bit... probably use premade whole wheat pizza crust and sundried tomatoes instead of canned.)

More menus over at!

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