Knocked Another Item Off My List!

I've been an AWFUL blogger lately - so first let me say sorry for that. But for a quick update on my 30before30 list (now 30while30) I beat Jonny at Scrabble! I guess if you play enough its bound to happen and it may never happen again - but at least I can say that I've done it. So that's #15 done.

I also attended my first Toastmasters Meeting - which I am going to count for #24 my public speaking class.

Maybe the zip line at moaning cavern next?

P.S. sorry for the blurry photo - but its a cellphone photo. Don't you love my leopard print wine glass?

Ellen Martin

I'm a west-coast mama of two little ones, 15 months apart. This is our family story with reviews and recommendations along the way. Thanks for joining our journey.

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