Harry Potter Opening Weekend = Craziness at the Theaters!

Well its the final Harry Potter movie's opening weekend. This may make me sound quiet nerdy - but I really enjoyed reading the books - and watching the movies.

Luckily for me, I'm behind a bit and haven't seen the first 1/2 of the finale so I have no desire to even try to see it this weekend.

If you haven't heard the statistics yet - its something like 90% of all ticket sales for this weekend are for Harry Potter. Poor Winnie the Pooh. And its already made over 32 million in advanced ticket sales.

So here's how I'm thinking about honoring the end of the Harry Potter era this weekend: watch the first 1/2 of this movie (maybe its OnDemand?) and make some Butterbeer to have with it.

Anyone want to fess up to going to see it on opening night?

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