The Black Flats Hunt

Its been a while since a real, honest to goodness shoe post. So I thought I'd share my recent shoe search: Black Flats.

I desperately need new ones. New ones that I love. I have a pair that is falling apart and I have a pair that I bought to replace them BUT I just don't like them as much. Anyways - I made a throw out day. Friday, July 15 I will be throwing out my worn out pair. I'll also be putting the pair I don't like in my "donate" pile.

So I have a few days to find a pair that will work. is my go-to site for shoes. Free overnight or 2-day shipping means fast delivery and the searching is seamless. From the over 1,200 black flats on endless - here are my top 5.

Cicra Joan & David Evaluna Flat - $99 (still kinda yikes!)

I went with the Kelsi Dagger flats. My coworker owns the blowfish flats and I might go hunt them down locally. I hope this solves my issues.

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