Around the Town

Every Second Sunday Sacramento features an Antique Fair at 21st Street between W and X Streets. I've been really meaning to check it out - but unfortunately I always have something planned. Including the one next weekend on July 11. Maybe next month.

This past Wednesday we went and saw "Defending the Caveman" at the Cosmo Cabaret. And I'd say its worth checking out. I can only vouch for the actor I saw do it (the rotate actors thru September) so go see it in the next few weeks before they switch it up.

We also went to the Twilight Thursday Concert at the zoo last week - and I'd totally recommend this to anyone in the area. I won tickets on Twitter for Social Media Day (thanks SacramentoZoo!) but I want to go this Thursday (July 7) too. Its a Beatles Tribute Band and sounds like a good time!

So there are my choices for this week! Tell me any other recommendations! 

photo credit: New York Public Library Flickr

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