Friday Fixation: black + blum

Some times I find little online shops that make me want to purchase everything on their site. This websites normally end up featured here in Friday Fixation. I haven't posted one in a few weeks -- maybe because I really hadn't found anything I felt worthy of a FF post.

I think black + blum is. The items they sell are so creative and so clean. I mean, just look at the layout on their products page? The item I immediately wanted was this Lunch Box Revolution Cookbook. I really need to get on top of it about bringing lunches to work - and it just looks so inspiring that I might do it. $8 isn't a bad price either!

Another item that jumped right out at me? This hot-pot bbq. Its a little out of my price range for what it is (especially since we have a little Weber already) - but how awesome would it be to hid your bbq in a terracotta pot with a plant in it?

If its in your price range I could see it being a great gift for a dad.

Anyways check out black + blum. At least for some design inspiration.

(P.S. the book is available on Amazon too... but doesn't qualify for free shipping! boo!)

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