Around the Town: Get yourself Outdoors!

Next weekend (June 25 to be exact) is the Great American Backyard Campout. The Sacramento REI is hosting a free afternoon event at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center where they are going to go over camping tips and tricks, sing campfire songs and eat S'mores. Yum! I love Effie Yeaw Nature Center and totally recommended it if you are looking for a place to take a walk or teach your kiddos about wildlife.

I'm jealous that I don't have a backyard... but if we did I would be participating.

If you are backyard-less like me there is more stuff to do next weekend. How about the King of Feasts Wine and Food Luau at the Sacramento Zoo? Dress in your luau attire and try your hand at the hola hoop contest. I guarantee you aren't as good as you used to be! Its surprising when you haven't tried since you were a kid...

The Friday Night Concerts in the Park at Cesar Chavez Plaza (10th and J) are going to be featuring Mumbo Gumbo on Friday, June 24. Probably will be crowded... but its got a great price tag (its free.)

For the foodies (or sac newbies) there is always the City of Trees Food Tasting Tour. This is an ongoing tour so maybe just something to keep in your back pocket for sometime when you have foodie visitors. It seems like they offer it Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week for $58 a person... which includes the food.

So there is some ideas... plan away! (P.S. Love these camping photos from the U.S. National Archives)

photo credits: U.S. National Archives

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