30before30 ... 30th Update.

Well. Today is the day. I'm 30. I haven't quite completed everything on my list. Some stuff I've started... and I've made notes (in bold and italics.)

I'm giving myself the rest of this year to do stuff. I mean, I got married and that's a pretty big one that isn't on this list.

Here is the updated version with the stuff I've completed crossed out:

#1 - Ride a Hot Air Balloon

#2 - See the Northern Lights (Maybe on our Honeymoon to Vancouver Island in August?)

#3 - Apply to be on the board for a Non-profit

#4 - Take Cello Lessons

#5 - Get out of Debt

#6 - Go on a Road Trip with No Predetermined Destination

#7 - Host a Fancy Dinner Party for at least 6 people

#8 - Take a Photography Class

#9 - Go to the Grand Canyon

#10 - Lose 10 pounds (Shoot! I lost 5 pounds with the bootcamp... maybe the other 5 in the next 6 weeks...)

#11 - Go Rock Climbing (outdoors)

#12 - Watch shooting stars from the back of Jonny's pick-up

#13 - Take my Mom on a unique train ride

#14 - Fly a Kite on the Beach

#15 - Beat Jonny in Scrabble (highly unlikely)

#16 - Master the art of poached eggs

#17 - Finish my knitting project

#18 - Go for a Helicopter ride (Some good friends of ours got us this for a wedding gift... We are aiming for some Monday that we both have off)

#19 - Start writing

#20 - Sew a tablecloth and some napkins (can't be that hard can it?)

#21 - Finish all my dental work (I know this one sucks, but I really want it done) (I fell off the wagon on this one... and JUST got back on. I'm 1/2 way through it.)

#22 - Learn how to make a great Cappuccino

#23 - Go on the zip line at Moaning Cavern

#24 - Take a public speaking class

#25 - Find a place to become an active volunteer

#26 - Plant my Rangpur Lime tree (who knew it would take so long!)

#27 - Start an Herb Garden

#28 - Make and sell something on Etsy (maybe the tablecloth/napkins? see #20)

#29 - Submit a photo to National Geographic - Your Shot

#30 - Make homemade ice cream.

photocredit: freakgirl

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