Yoga for Kids?

Recently I saw an article in my daily Vital Juice email - that linked to this interesting Washington Post article "Raising a generation of children on yoga."  The studio they first talk about is called Budding Yogis which I think is a super cute name even though I'm still trying to figure out what I think of the whole idea. Maybe its because I look at yoga as something I do to relieve stress that I didn't have as kid. Exercise is important - but for kids I think of it as being outdoor cardio type of exercise - soccer, swimming, t-ball, etc.

The article made me wonder if Sacramento had any kid yoga classes. I know I have some mommy readers so I thought it would be good information to share. Sacramento Yoga Center has a Mom and Baby class (geared towards postpartum) and the only one I could find that mentions kids is Asha Yoga which I actually wanted to check out since they opened a new studio in East Sac right near my house.

Anyways, I'm interested if anyone has kids or neices/nephews that have done kid yoga? After thinking about it a little more - I might have more fun in yoga if I had the flexability I had when I was 8!

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