Hip Prints from Urban Outfitters!

This is one of those things - where I don't have a clue how far behind the times I am - but I just discovered that Urban Outfitters has partnered with Society6 to create a Print Shop!

I love the U.O. style and the price and these prints fit right in with both. Most of the prints you can get as ipod, iphone or laptop skins too. Maybe I'll get one if I ever get the apple laptop I want (the "all you need is love" print would be perfect!)

They have a handful of prints that feature owls - which of course I love (here, here, here, and here.) The one called "silent night" (pictured to the left) is my favorite of the owl bunch.

My other two favorites are the Honey Bee in the Fridge (perfect for my blog - see right) and the Taxi Llama. But I could look through these prints all day.

Any that stick out to you - and am I just late with the info -- did we know that U.O sold prints??



    U.O. has some great prints but most of the time i find them on the artists site for cheaper ^_^

  2. Good idea. I like the idea of buying straight from the artist better anyways.