Friday Fixation: Pinterest

I've gone through fazes with many of these "save a image for later" sites. First it was StyleHive then it was ThisNext - now its Pinterest. I don't know how different this one is - but it seems prettier. By that I mean it seems to be more graphic focused. It actually reminds me of pinboards (hence the name) and I like it.

It easily connects you to people in your various networks - twitter, facebook, etc. So then you can start seeing what other people are saving. The nice thing, compared to the other similar sites, is that people tend to save things other than just items. You can save recipes, or DIY instructions so it's not just all about consuming more.
Since I am trying to save that is a good thing.

Anyways - please check out Pinterest. If you need an invite tell me and I'll send you one. Then find me and start sharing stuff!

Also - if you haven't already - please vote for me for best local blogger in Sacramento. I'm number 16 now and it would be awesome to break into the top 10. I'm really just hoping to get some additional new readers.

Any new readers that want to say hello?

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