Friday Fixation: I love Lucy!

I'm not talking about the T.V. show.. I'm talking about lucy activewear. With my bootcamp this month - I had to purchase some new clothing for my workouts. This store has some amazingly comfortable stuff that fits well and looks nice.

Did I say super comfortable?? My favorite item is their crew socks with the mesh / airy top.

Its important to feel comfortable in your clothes especially when you might be uncomfortable in your activities! Like running. I'm not a big fan but its so nice to not be tugging and pulling at clothes that don't fit right.

This is end of week 4 of bootcamp and its going great! I'm tracking my meals at SparkPeople, which, if I haven't shared before, is a great tool for counting your fiber, fat, protien, etc.

Anyways - if you are in Sacramento you can check out the lucy store in Pavilions on Fair Oaks Blvd. near Piatti's.

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