Bootcamp Time!

 Well thanks to a great TownHog deal - I've signed up and started Bootcamp with the Kaia Fit team here in Sacramento. Monday was day one - and it was great.

A great workout with all girls and although I am a bit sore - I think its going to be great. Trying a no carb, no white sugars and no dairy week detox too. What I really need though is a trip over to Lucy to get some new workout gear. The pants and top I currently have are from Lucy and I love how well they fit.

I'm also doing a  training for a 5k with a group of friends so that we can run in the Sacramento Firecracker 5k. So lots of exercise for me over the next few months.

Anyways - the point of all this is for #10 on my 30before30 list: Lose 10 pounds.

So here I go.

I'll let you know if it works!

photo credit: flickr

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