Luxe for the Little People

These invite only sites are popping up all over the place - and here is another one: LilLuxe. Right now they are featuring one of my favorite kid brands Coco Bonbons. The clothes are such great quality with cute designs.

Like this adorable Cordoroy Monkey Jacket - with the cute tail grabbing a banana on the back. Normally $52 (crazy price for a kids jacket!) and its $17 on LilLuxe. Join the site and check out the other stuff from Coco Bonbon (they have cute overalls too) and the other brands featured on LilLuxe.

And remember a long list of member/invite only sites are listed on my blog (to the right) and you can always email me or leave a comment to request an invite!

Ellen Martin

I'm a west-coast mama of two little ones, 15 months apart. This is our family story with reviews and recommendations along the way. Thanks for joining our journey.

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