House Dreams

I love the member's only site The Foundary. Today they have a Lexington Home feature sale -- that has me wishing I had a big 3 or 4 bedroom home... with a library. I went to home depot this weekend -- and it had me wishing the same thing. Maybe I should starting paying attention to what is for sale again.

But back to The Foundary. The first purchase I would make (if I had the space and money) would be this Parrot Cay Bar. It's lovely - and with the weather finally getting warmer it makes me want a backyard with a pool so I can have bbq parties.

The rest of the Lexington Home furniture is amazing too - and they also have a sale from Brinca Dada for a modern doll house that is amazing as well.

The Foundary will definately be a site I use when I'm in a bigger place!

If you aren't a member you should join now!

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