Flavorwire's East v. West Movie Posters

Over at Flavorwire they have some great movie poster comparisons of East (mostly Polish) v. West (United States) movie posters. Same movie two very different takes on the posters. They are awesome to flip through and remind me of some great movies I haven't seen in a while.

I agree with their take that the East Harry and the Hendersons poster is better then the West (The East is on the right side.)

But there are some of the choices I don't agree with. Like the Blues Brothers poster. I think the East is way more creative then just a photo... but maybe that's just me.

I love seeing the different ways that countries represent things.

Anyone have any favorites out of the bunch? And if you have a movie poster obsession like I do... check out my posts on Moxie Creative's movie posters and Tom Whalen movie posters.

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