Poaching Eggs....

So here is a little explanation as to why I assumed it was so hard to poach eggs - and why I put it on my 30x30 list.

It starts with the movie Julie & Julia and what might be my favorite scene when Julie is trying to poach an egg. You can see the part I am talking about here.

Seems hard, right? Well recently I went to the store closing sale at William Glen (so sad!) and found this little pods that are for poaching eggs that look much like this picture to the right.

I love eggs benedict - and figured if I could get this egg poaching down - how yummy my breakfasts would be!

I finally gave it a shot. Expecting disaster the first time. Yolk, floating everywhere in a boiling pot of water... you know a scene much like the one above.

To my delight - they came out perfect. And I have done it 3 times since with perfect results every time. Even made them for guests (if my sister and my fiance count)!

So in anticipation of crossing one item off my 30x30 list.... (drum roll, please) here (to the left) is the picture of my very first poached egg.

So #16 is scratched off! One down 29 to go...

Now if only I could get that hollandaise sauce down...