Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Browsing over at Coco + Kelley led me to these beautiful blankets. Handria, or Moroccan Wedding Blankets are hand loomed from sheeps wool and cotton with little beautiful hand sewn sequins in the Berber villages.

The shimmer of those sequins is just amazingly eye catching and would look so great draped over a couch or at the foot of a bed like the photos at Coco + Kelley.

Look at the intricacy! So lovely. Really anyone should feel free to try and make me one.

Actually, I just might try and buy one myself. Maybe ebay?

Bride photo from here. Blanket close up from here. 

Ellen Martin

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Ms Jay said...

I want one too!! This is on my list to make...for me hee hee. I been scouring the Internet for about 3 months now trying to find something suitable to use for the furry trim. I did find the metal sequins in India. I might just have to take a weaving class...humph