Loving This Dwell Studio Owl Stuff!

Over at Layla Grayce - they have a post focused on the Dwell Studio Kids stuff with an owl focus! Just my style. I think my favorite of the group is the tufted wool rug tree. (I also love the PAN AM plane in this picture!) 

From the non-Dwell Owl items that they posted, I really love the Blabla Backpack (to the right.) Such a cute whimsical design. I had a great little stuffed owl doll (appropriately named "Owlie") when I was a baby and it was one of my favorite th ings to stare at.

The pearly owl necklace they feature is cute enough that I'd wear it myself. Anyways - As you can tell - I'm easily amused by owl goods. Hope you enjoy them too.

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