All this cooking...

I'm really enjoying all the cooking I've been doing lately. This Menu planning really helps - but now I really want to try creating some of my own recipes instead of following instructions.

I know this really starts with just modifying recipes to fit with things you like - so I am really going to be trying more of that.

The thing is - there are all these awesome cooking/recipe contests - that I'd love to enter. But I need some more original stuff.

And for any of you chefs reading this: Here is a list of some of the recipe/cooking contests out right now:

Taste of Something Better - Food & Wine Magazine
Sutter Home Build a Better Burger
Bays English Muffins Quarterly Recipe Contest
Monthly Phyllo Recipe Madness Contest
Fresh Chicken Cooking Contest

So moral of the story? I'll be posting recipes and photos of my creations as they manifest.

Photo from Flickr: George Eastman Collection


  1. There's a newish cookbook out and I'm blanking on the name--but the idea is that it just gives you proportions. So it would say you need so much liquid, so much fat, etc etc. It's supposed to take care of the chemistry of cooking. I'll see if I can find it...