Etsy Find! Junk Food Jewelry!

So this find I have to credit to my friend over at High Heels & High Chairs. She is planning a McDonalds Birthday Party for her little girl - and is of course, on the hunt for cute hamburger themed things to make the party just awesome.

Well -- in comes DanzDzynes Scented Junk Food Jewelry. They sell an array of junk food items as rings, earrings, charms, etc. Plus they are SCENTED. Ok - so this isn't for everyday wear maybe (unless you are a Pop Tart addict and think that wearing one around your neck might help you cut back) but as an add on piece for a specific outfit? I mean hellllooo genius, right?

Anyways - just check out the site. It's fun to explore. Maybe I'll be a Pop Tart for Halloween and buy some matching jewelry...

P.S. My friend opted for the Hamburger and Chips Ring and special request matching earrings!

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