Friday Fixation: Writing...

I look to this blog as an outlet. I enjoy writing and have always enjoyed it and this gives me an opportunity to write in doses that are manageable in my life at this point. While we were in Portland a few weeks ago, when we went to Powell's Books, my fiance found a book that he had read in college called "Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir" and bought it. At his recommendation, I picked it up this week and have started to go through the exercises it suggests.

I just want to share that it has been great. There is something completely different about typing and hand writing and something about the latter that I really miss. This book is providing a great reason to get some hand writing in. Even if its just in 10 minute blocks.

I hope I keep this up. And by this - I mean both the blog and the hand writing exercises. I figured that maybe if I shared it with anyone who's reading this - then it just might keep me on track.

Have a good Friday and a better weekend!

Photo credit: New York City Library Flickr

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