Turn those clocks forward!!

I've always been a little bit annoyed by having to change our clocks for Daylight Savings. Just another reason to move to Arizona I guess. (The first few reasons would be: Sunsets, the Grand Canyon and Cactus Owls). I mean really it feels like the days are just getting lighter and warmer... and then Daylight Savings.

Anyways as we lose an hour (right? geez this always confuses me!) - I thought I'd share some good ol' tick tocks. Modern day to old fashioned there are some fun choices out there! Like this Tangerine Mondern Colonial Wall Clock from Etsy Shop Uncommon. Or this Poppy Red Victorienne Clock from the same Etsy shop.

Etsy is an awsome place to look for unique lamps... I mean just type in "Wall Clock" and see all the crazy stuff you get!

Another Awesome place for vintage/antique clocks is of course, EBay. Yes, I am on a huge Ebay kick lately... but the stuff you can find is awesome... For awesome prices.

Like this funny little novelty clock that you could still get for under $5.50 and that includes shipping! Or the one below - a vintage hexigon General Electric ... still under $15.

Anyways - no matter what your clock looks like -- I'm just reminding you to spring forward tonight... So that you aren't an hour late every where tomorrow!

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