Jewelry on Display...

While browsing through one of my favorite creative blogs Design*Sponge I found another great DIY project I'd love to try. While I still haven't attempted the necklace I posted about earlier - I thought I'd share it anyways. Maybe I'm due for a trip to Michael's and Home Depot.

This Jewelry Bust seems like a great way to keep your necklaces from getting all tangled up - which is a big problem with my jewelry box I use now. Plus maybe I'd wear my necklaces more if I saw them in the morning when I wake up?

Upon further reading of the directions... I've realized that I lack the tools (um, jig saw? table clamps? safety googles?) to make something like this.

Maybe these are things I should invest in if I'm thinking of getting crafty?? Or do I just do it the Martha Stewart way and buy a vintage bust to display my jewelry?

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