Books and more books

So a few book related items have come into my life recently.

1st being Goodreads. I knew Goodreads existed -- but it's taken a while to join. We'll now I have and I've found some good friends on there as well. Which is awesome. Hopeful now I can keep up with it. If you are on there and aren't my friend... find me now! If you aren't on their... check it out and join!

Now the 2nd thing book related is this great NPR Book List "Best Books For A Book Club". I added most of this list to my "To-Read" list... With "Too Much Happiness" (pictured below) high on my purchase list.

Anyone read any good books lately?

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  1. i am reading two good books: one is "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell, which is about people who are successful and really make it big -- what makes that possible is not the story of adversity, triumph and talent we tell ourselves. (The author is a sociologist and looks at various environmental factors that influence opportunities people have. Same guy who wrote "The Tipping Point," which is also quite good.) Also reading “Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America,” by Barbara Ehrenrich. It's hilarious. As long as you're not too attached to The Secret. It's also kind of sad, and feels true! As for fiction, I'm trying to wade through "The Brothers Karamazov" but its really dense. Ah Dostoyevsky.